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Solar and wind power cause by far the lowest indirect greenhouse gas emissions. This is the result of a new study by PIK. Image: Naturstrom AG

Transformation to wind and solar could be achieved with low indirect greenhouse gas emissionsDifferent


Different low carbon technologies from wind or solar energy to fossil carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) differ greatly when it comes to indirect greenhouse gas emissions in their life cycle. Read more...

"Europe is the continent with the largest and oldest fleet of solar plants, we need proper health care for the assets to meet performance expectations“, said James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe. Image: First Solar

Optimising Europe's solar plants: Definitive guidance to support further solar growth


SolarPower Europe has launched its 2.0 Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Best Practices Guidelines at the O&M and Asset Management Conference. Read more...

While manpower and pack animals carried the building materials for the hut up over steep rocks nearly 100 years ago, installation of the 17 kWp photovoltaic system and 61 kWh battery storage system was made possible through the use of helicopters. Image: Qinous

Alpine shelter equipped with energy storage system


Qinous, the Berlin-based manufacturer of turnkey energy storage systems, together with Solare Energie and Bridge Executive Consulting, has equipped the Hochleckenhaus in the Höllengebirge with an energy storage system, a PV plant, and an associated off-grid and energy management system for the Austrian Alpine Association. The hut can now boast of having the most advanced off-grid network in the Alpine region. Read more...

Test cell for lithium ion batteries. Image: Forschungszentrum Jülich

New test procedure for developing quick-charging lithium-ion batteries


When lithium-ion batteries are charged too quickly, metallic lithium gets deposited on the anodes. This reduces battery capacity and lifespan and can even destroy the batteries. Scientists at the Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have now presented a process that, for the first time ever, allows this so-called lithium plating process to be investigated directly. This puts new strategies for quick-charging strategies close at hand. Read more...

Climate protection measures, such as the switch from fossil-generated electricity to PV electricity, are not economically disadvantageous for companies, according to a Wifo study. Image: E.on

Climate-friendly measures don’t impair companies’ competitiveness


In an FWF-funded project, a team of researchers from the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) investigated the effect of climate-protection measures on companies. The influence on competitiveness turned out to be negligible, while the positive environmental impact was confirmed. Read more...

Located at the Belridge oilfield west of Bakersfield, the integrated solar project will be the first of its kind in the world to use solar steam and solar electricity to power oilfield operations. Animation: Glasspoint

Aera Energy partners with Glasspoint to build California’s largest solar plant


Aera Energy partners with Glasspoint to build California’s largest solar plant Read more...

View of the solar façade of Grosspeter Tower in Basel: winner of two awards for combining architecture and solar technology. Image: Kaco new energy

Kaco new energy designs energy system technology for prize-winning solar tower in Basel


A Fabulous October for Grosspeter Tower in Basel: the high-rise office and hotel block with solar façade and solar roof has won two awards in the space of a month – the “Swiss Solar Prize” and the “Architectural Award Building-Integrated Solar Technology”. Read more...

“We are proud to have reached this important milestone to electrify half a million people in rural East Africa. But it does not end here“, says Mobisol’s founder and CEO Thomas Gottschalk. Image: Mobisol

Solar power for 20 million people


Mobisol, a Germany-based provider of decentralized solar solutions, has successfully installed a capacity of 10 MW and electrified over 500,000 people in East Africa in Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya to date. By 2023, the company wants to enable 20 million people to purchase solar power. Read more...

The full set of photovoltaic solar plants will generate enough power to cover the annual needs of 140,000 people. Image: Vinci Energies

Vinci Energies wins contract to build eight photovoltaic power plants in Senegal


Vinci Energies, via its brand dedicated to energy transition - Omexom, has been awarded by the Société d’Electricité du Sénégal - Senelec - a contract to build eight photovoltaic power plants with a combined capacity of 17 MW in Senegal within a period of 10 months. Read more...

Sweaty business, but in the end everyone was happy: Since there was no electricity in the village before the installation of the solar container, the system had to be built during the day - at 45 degrees Celsius air temperature. Image: Africa GreenTec

Africa GreenTec installs first solar container in Niger


After the launch of the project in Mali in 2014, the start-up Africa GreenTec has now successfully commissioned its first solar container in the Tahoua region of Niger. Read more...

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