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Company Description

Esplanade Capital Electron Partners LP is a long/short equity fund and stands as the world’s premiere private investment fund dedicated to public securities in solar energy and those sectors impacted by its emergence

The fund is managed by Esplanade Capital LLC
Esplanade was founded by Shawn W. Kravetz in 2000
The firm has invested actively in solar for 14+ years
Shawn has managed Esplanade Capital Electron Partners LP since inception in June 2009

The Fund aims to generate superior, long-term capital appreciation by:
(1) Channeling 14+ years of solar expertise and our
proven investment process
(2) Adapting, modifying, and refining informed sector
views to reflect current realities
(3) Employing fundamental, on-the-ground, global
research including a global industry network
(4) Capitalizing on our robust, proprietary solar
investment universe
(5) Leveraging solar expertise to profit from solar
encroaching on adjacent sectors and companies outside
of pure-play universe
(6) Investing across market caps from micro to large
and across the capital structure

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