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PHOTON – The Photovoltaic Magazine
Solar energy is one of the main pillars of the United States' new energy policy. Industry experts expect that the US will soon become the world's largest PV market. US installers and system operators will have an equally large thirst for PV information.
That's exactly the target audience we reach with our US magazine: PHOTON – The Photovoltaic Magazine. Like its country-specific sister editions in Germany, Spain and Latin America, Italy and France, PHOTON – The Photovoltaic Magazine appears monthly. At the low cost of $5.95 per issue, PHOTON's US edition reaches out to a broad readership: the target audience includes end-customers in the US interested in buying a PV system, installers, as well as environmentally conscious individuals – basically, anyone interested in solar electricity production and its development in the US. The magazine reports on technological innovations, political and financial developments, research advances, as well as providing insight into real-world experiences with the construction and operation of PV systems in the US.

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